Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tommy and Blake's first day of school

Okay, yes.... I am about a year behind in my blog. But I am trying really hard to catch up, so bear with me. This is Tommy and Blake's first day of school (LAST YEAR)
Blake and Tommy
                                                         Blake the Kindergartener
Blake has half day kindergarten and has been really excited. His teacher is Mrs. Cole. The same teacher that Tommy had when Tommy was in kindergarten. I am especially excited that Blake is in half day kindergarten and not full day, because his little brother Brody would be lost without him. Already he is going to be sad that Blake and Tommy are gone every day. But will be excited to go pick Blake up everyday for lunch.
                                                             Tommy the 4th grader
Tommy started the GATE class this year. He is a smart boy and we are very proud of him.
His teachers name is Ms. Smith and he is in class with some of his friends.
Here is a picture of Tommy and Blake and the "CREW" on the first day of school 2011-2012.
I can't wait until they come home and tell me all about it.!!

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