Friday, February 16, 2007

C- Is for Cookie ... That is good enough for ME!!

You would think it was his birthday all over again. Nope, Mom and Dad just discovered that Oreo Cookies do not have milk, eggs, or nuts in them. Yippeee! Blake Discovered he loves Oreo Cookies. (As you can tell!!) It is nice to know he can have at least one treat.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Blake is 13 months now. The poor little guy went through quite a bit the first year of his life. First we found out that he has some pretty major allergies, he is allergic to milk, eggs, nuts and soy. His 1 year birthday cake was pretty intersting to make. But as you can see he loved it anyway! He has also caught every little cold and flu it seems like this winter. They say kids with allergies tend to have poor immune systems. He is such a fun little guy though. He definatley has his own personality. He just took 3 steps yesterday. He seems pretty determined to be able to keep up with his big brother Tommy and can't wait till he can chase after the dog. He loves the dog. Just to prove it, his first word was not Mom, not Dad, but DOG! He also loves to play outside. He is just like his Dad and loves the outdoors. No matter what the Weather is.


Tommy is 5 years old now. He is so much fun to have around. He is in pre-school this year and loves it. But he can't wait till kindergarten. He is practicing his writting and also starting to learn how to sound out words. He has memorized the first 3 Articles of Faith. He loves to play with his friends and wrestle with Daddy and Blake. He loves to play outside and can't wait till winter is over. He loves to ride his 4 wheeler that he got for Christmas and is begging us to take off his tranining wheels off his bike (That should definatley be intersting.) He also lost his first tooth a week ago and is very proud of his "grown up" tooth that has already come through.

Welcome to Our Web Page

Hello All,

I am going to attempt a web page so that I can keep in touch with friends and family with all the latest Mendenhall current events. Things are going well for us this year. Eric is still enjoying his job and the City of Gig Harbor and I am loving being able to stay home with the kids. (Of course this winter has been a bit hard, since my kids have caught every cold, and flu out there.) We are really looking forward to spring and fall. Unfourtunatley this is the only family picture that we have of the whole family right now. Pretty sad. We plan on having a professional one taken but everytime we make an appointment our kids get sick.