Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Welcome to Our Web Page

Hello All,

I am going to attempt a web page so that I can keep in touch with friends and family with all the latest Mendenhall current events. Things are going well for us this year. Eric is still enjoying his job and the City of Gig Harbor and I am loving being able to stay home with the kids. (Of course this winter has been a bit hard, since my kids have caught every cold, and flu out there.) We are really looking forward to spring and fall. Unfourtunatley this is the only family picture that we have of the whole family right now. Pretty sad. We plan on having a professional one taken but everytime we make an appointment our kids get sick.


Courtney said...

Hmm, let me help :)

You guy look so cute! Remember how you wanted my & Ronni's pages, well, click on my pic and you'll get 'em! Ronni's page is in my links on the right side of the page.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

Courtney said...

Oops, click on my name, not my picture :)