Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swim Lessons

For the past two weeks Tommy, Ethan and Audrey have been doing private swim lessons. I think they had a lot of fun. Tommy is like me and could not float on his back for the life of him, he would sink to the bottom, but his teacher really worked with him and he got across the pool width wise on his back by the end. I was so proud. They also worked on there crawl stroke and pencil dive. He still has a long way to go, but also came a long way. I am so proud of Tommy. Even though the floating on his back never came easy to him, he never gave up or even got frusterated, he just kept trying.

Here they are- first day of class and ready to learn!!

Tommy posing for a pic!

Ethan and Tommy - working on there kicking and breathing!

This was Tommy's first attempt at a dive- he started out in diving position and ended like this. It was quite funny.

As the practices went on he got a lot better.

By the end, he was even doing a decent dive of the diving board.

Blake and Davie had a lot of fun at swimming lessons too, they got to play together in the kiddie pool.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wild Waves

Once again, this is similar to Becca's last post. We put Tommy, Audrey and Ethan in private swim lessons together (pictures to come), so we have seen eachother every day for the last two weeks. It has been a lot of fun for the kids. On Monday, Becca talked me in to going to wild waves with her. We had so much fun, as you can see by all the pictures. I love going places with Becca because then I get some good pictures out of it. Like I said, we had so much fun they we stayed until the park closed, they had to kick us out.

Blake and Davie going down the little water slides. It won't be long till these boys want to do the big one's with there older brothers.

Just look at how much fun he is having.

Me on the other hand, since I am 6 months pregnate and not hiding it very well these days, I couldn't do anything fun. Well except this baby slide with Blake. Oh well, just watching them was worth it.

Here are a bunch of shots of the kids enjoying the rides:

Just for the record, Blake and I beat Jason and Davie on this slide. It looks like he is winning but in the end, we slid right past them :)

Pickle Ball Match

Well I am sure that a lot of you saw these on my Sister Becca's blog, but I just thought they were too cute, so I am copying her post.

Blake and Davie get along so well. They truly have so much fun everytime they are together.Sometimes I wish we lived closer so they could play more. Here they are enjoying a fun pickle ball game. They played for quite a while and really understood the point of the game. All of the swim instructers even pointed out how cute they were.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I am Glad to Be an American!!!

We had an awsome 4th of July this year. Starting with when we first woke up, one of our neighbors went around to all the houses and tied red white and balloons all around. IT was fun to wake up to. We had fun with the neighbors all day. We had a picnic around dinner time. My neighborhood goes all out. We had our annual fish fry. One of our neighbors goes out on his boat and catches crab for everyone. We also have Salmon, shrimp, clams, ect. They boil it in a big pot with some corn on the cob and potatoes them dump it out on a big table for all to eat. It is pretty cool. The kids did there balloon parade. Where they march around the neighborhood with over 200balloons, to the song " I am glad to be an American". Tommy got to be the leader this year and hold the flag. He was pretty proud and took it very seriously. Then we cleaned up and started the firework show. All the neighbors contribute to the firework show. This year we had over 2 hours worth of fireworks. We had a lot of fun.

As I watched my kids run around, so carefree and play with there friends it made me so greatful for the Country we live in. I am so thankful for all the soldiers who gave there lives so we could enjoy freedom and this wonderful country.