Thursday, September 30, 2010

4th of (what you ask... 4th of July of Course!!)

Okay after keeping you all in suspense for quite a while I decided to finally update my blog, way back from when my computer died, last 4th of July.

After beign threatend a couple of times, I decided I better start blogging again. So bear with me, I have a lot of catching up to do.

This past summer was a lot of fun. 4th of July we had some good friends over to our neighborhood to have a barbecue, play, and of course light some fireworks.

Tommy and Blake in there matching red, white and blue ties from my good friend Sandi.

Haakan and Brody playing on the trampoline. Brody's faces were cracking us up.

Zoe, Blake , Brody and Adina--I just love how Brody is sitting in the chair like he is one of the gang.
If you look closley you can see a scar on Tommy's cheek. His first and hopefully last firework wound.
My adorable neighbor Adina. Brody and Adina have become quite good little friends. Isn't she adorable.
The whole gang hanging outside in the neighborhood. Ready for the fireworks to start. Hoping the sun goes down soon.
Family photo. Not quite frameable!! But still a fun picture.

Blake and his good friend Zoe. Posing for the camera.

Haakan and Misty.

Eric and I.

Smiles from Brody!!

That weekend we also went down to Redondo to take the boys crabbing for the first time. WE caught our first crab and the boys were pretty excited. WE came home and cooked him up and the boys were actually excited to try it. They seemed to like it. Blake says it taste like chicken!!