Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Utah 2010

It has been 7 years since we have spent christmas in Utah with Eric's family. So we decided to brave the passes, load up our truck with presents and head down to Utah.

We split the trip up and stopped in Boise on the way there and back. (Well we are not actually back yet, we leave tomorrow morning. I sure hope we make it home safe, a huge storm has hit in Utah so it might get a little scary)

The Stephenson family drove down with us and we had a lot of fun playing in the pool at the hotel. (I will add these pictures later.)

When we finally got to Utah, the thing my kids were looking forward to the most was snow. They were pretty disappointed when we first got here. There was only a skiff on the ground. But snow is snow, so they put on there snow gear and played in the snow with cousin Wyatt who was visiting for Christmas from Denver.

Brody all bundled up and ready to play.

Cousin Wyatt

check out this snow ball

Christmas Eve-

All the family got together for Christmas Eve (minus John and Shana) . We had a lot of fun making and decorating sugar cookies, eating snacks, doing the nativity while Papa read from the Bible, and opening presents from the cousins.

The cousins all cuddled up on the couch.

Cousin Luke- could he be any cuter?!?

Our Angel- Lenna Vance

One of the wise guys.

Tommy as Joseph

Audrey , Tommy and Luke as
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

Wyatt- another wise guy.

Blake- as a Christmas present!!

Papa with Lenna and Brody on his lap.

Christmas Morning

The kids were spoiled this Christmas. I tried to keep it simple this year since we were traveling and I knew we would have to pack there presents to and from, but Nanna and Papa haven't had Christmas morning with little kids for a long time and went a little overboard!!

Fort Mendenhall is a tent that my friend Shawna Godbolt helped me make for the boys. It has been a huge hit. They are so excited about it. My boys have been really in to making tents latley, especially Blake and Brody so this will be perfect.

Brody's new shark robe.

Nanna- Blake- and Tommy all got a head light for Christmas. These were a big hit too! How did Santa know?!?

Blake's star wars space ship.

Tommy's dual lightsaber!!

Great grandpa Willardson made all the boys rubber band guns. Sometimes the homeade gifts end up being the best.

Brody and his gun and headlamp.

All the Cousins came back for a fancy Christmas dinner!!

Nanna made all the boys new hats. They loved them and look so cute in them!!

The lights at Temple Square

Christmas night Aunt Christine and uncle Jared and there family joined us as we went to check out the lights at temple square. It was beautiful and so fun!!

Tommy and Audrey- being goofey on the train to temple square

Nanna- I thought this was a great picture of her.

My boys!!

Lydia and Blake- could they be any cuter in their little hats from Nanna


Brody really liked all the lights too! It was absolutley beautiful.

Happy Birthday Blake

Of course we had to have a birthday party for Blake. It was so fun to celebrate with all his Utah cousins, which he rarely gets to do.

Aunt Emily made an awesome cake!! Just perfect for Blake

Blowing out the candles

Jackson, Savannah, Eric and Blake

After the party Nanna, Blake and Tommy snuck and ate the last piece of cake, but I caught them.

Buds- Carter and Brody

We had a lot of fun, but it is time to go. That is if we can get home. Love all the good times and memories that were made.