Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trip to Zoo with the Cousins and Grandma and Grandpa

Thanks to awesome aunt Jenn, we got zoo passes for Christmas. We took our first adventure to the zoo with my Brother Brian , his adorable kids and Grandma and Grandpa. We were not sure weather it was going to rain or not, so we took our chances, and rushed to the zoo Saturday morning. The kids had a blast. And the weather stayed great up until the last 10 minutes of our adventure and we had to rush to our car so we didn't get poured on.

The whole cousin gang: Blake, Catie, Matthew, Jenna and Tommy

I told them to turn around and pose. Check out Blake's pose.

Jenna, Tommy, Blakes feet and Catie in the sharks mouth.

Brian and Matthew

Catie- Isn't she beautiful?

Catie and Grandma

Blake and Grandma

Tommy in the birds nest.

Tommy pulls out his hood because the rain started dumping on us

Jenna covering up!

Quick run over to the goats!
These two pics are probably my favorite. How cute is that?? Blake is actually hugging the goats. It was so sweet!

Spider net.

Matthew and the goat staring at each other. It was so cute.

Matthew and Brian eating lunch and playing at McDonald's.
We had a lot of fun and are soooo excited to go to the zoo a lot this summer. As you may have noticed Brody was not there. WE went right during his nap time so now I am so excited to take him. He is going to love it!