Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Wonderful Neighborhood....

I have to say that I am glad that I am not moving. Yes, we need a bigger house. But I love my neighborhood!! You seriously don't find close neighborhoods like this. Last weekend when it was 80 degrees, my neighborhood got together and rented a aerator and a thatcher.

The cool thing was that we all worked together. With fun music blaring throughout the cul-de-sac. It was really neat. It wasn't every neighbor for himself. Everyone was helping each other. It was really neat to see.

Then after all the hard yard work was done, we had a neighborhood barbecue with steaks, Greg's famous ribs, salads, and root beer.

The kids had fun helping and running around playing. Here are some pictures that I got.

Mushy and Eric raking up our yard.

Blake doing his part!!

This was cool, while Eric and Mushy ran to the store real quick, my neighbor Robin was working on Mushy's front yard. He had it practically done by the time Mushy and Eric got back.

Blake playing in "Big Blue"

Tommy and Des cooling off with a nice cold drink.

It is fun to have such great neighbors!!

Tag I'm It!!!!!

Tag I'm it

1. What was I doing 10 years ago...10 years ago, I was graduating from Ricks college. 10 years ago Eric was just getting home off his mission. Why is it so hard for me to believe we are actually that old!!

2. What is on my to-do list for today? Try not to throw up, try not to throw up, try bot to throw up!!! (didn't happen). I will try harder tomorrow.

3. What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire? I'd love to buy my dream house, some new clothes and actually get a hair cut I like. I would love to get Eric the boat he dreams about, Spoil my family, and his family, and then give the rest away to charities. I hate being rich. Most people know that I am happier when I am poor and on a tight budget. ( I know I am weird)

4. 3 Bad habits...Losing my debit card. I can't seem to keep one for more than a month. Drives Eric crazy. Not locking my car. (Gee, maybe that is why my debit card is always missing??) I am an emotional eater. If I am happy I EAT, If I am sad I EAT, If I am nervous I EAT, IF I am stressed out I EAT, the list goes on an on....

5. Places I have lived.. Kent, WA. - For 18 years of my life.
Rexburg, WA- For 2 years of my life.
Provo, UT- For about 3 months (long enough to meet Eric and for him to get a job offer in Washington)
Federal Way, WA - For the Past 7 years.

6. Plcaes I have worked.. Papa Murphy's- Cashier, and awesome Pizza maker
Wade Cook Seminars- Finance dept, and Events Coordinator
Natural Wellness Center- Receptionist
BDR (Business Development Resources) - Travel Agent
Smith and Greene Company- Sales Assistant

7. Things people don't know about me...I am copying this one from my sisters blog, but a lot of people don't know that I have skin cancer. My Dr. said I was the youngest case of skin cancer she has seen. I have my dad's skin, and poor little Blake has my skin. We turn into lobsters the second the sun peeks through the clouds. I have no musical talent whatsover. I can't carry a tune or keep a beat if my life depended on it. I played the flute in Junior High, but I coudln't keep the beat, I just followed everyone else. I am adopted. I know hard to believe since I look so much like my brothers and sister. But that is what they told me my whole life, so it must be true!!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday Eric!!!

Eric's 31st Birthday was on Friday. Poor guy. Of Course I didn't feel very well, but we tried to have the best party we could. Tommy helped me decorate the house. We went to Costco and got his favorite cheesecake and then we bought him some new chemicals, so we could start using our hot tub again this year.
Then Mary called and told me she made us a yummy spaghetti dinner. Yippeee!! What a life savor. After going b-day shopping, and decorating the house, I was going to let Eric and the boys have hot dogs for dinner!! Instead we got to feast on a yummy spaghetti dinner, with warm french bread. It was great. (Thanks again Mary)

Unfortunately being the slacker blogger that I am, when I went to take pictures I realized the batteries in my camera were dead. Half way through the evening I remembered I could steal them from the remote control. So here are the couple of pictures that I got.

Fancy B-day decorations by Mommy and Tommy!!

Yummy spagetti dinner from Mary- Of course by the time I found my camera the kids had eaten and were off to find there swimsuits.

Dad's hot tub b-day preasent. Anyone want to come join us?? I dragged my feet to get the chemicals since they cost $60.00 but now I am the one that won't go to bed without sitting in the hot tub. It feels so good. Especially when the rain drops fall on your head to cool you off.

Blake did not love the hot tub last year. He felt like he was always falling. Things changed for sure this year. He loved the hot tub and when we all had gotten out and told him it was to for him to get out, he said : "NO!!" Getting him out was no fun!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What is it with Little Boys and the Garbage Man...

Every Wednesday Blake can hear the Garbage man before he even gets to our street. Since it was Sunny outside yesterday we decided to wait for the garbage man outside. Since Tommy was home on Spring Break he joined us, and I found he is still just as fascinated with the garbage man as Blake. They sat at the end of the driveway and waited for the garbage man to make his way down our street.

Just waiting patiently.

Look- He turned down our cul-de-sac.

The closer he got- the louder he got. Blake got a little nervous, so Tommy put his arm around him. I told you he is a natural nurturer.

Garbage man driving away.

Once the garbage man drove away, I finally got those two monkeys to turn around and give me a smile.