Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Vacation to the Poulson's Lake House

This weekend we had an opportunity to go to some friends of ours Lake house. It was so nice to get away from the Chaos that the weekends bring and spend sometime as a family. We also celebrated Brody's birthday when we were out there. Our whole goal of going was to just focus on the kids. And that is exactly what we did. We went fishing, kayaking, played board games, ate yummy food, made cupcakes, sang happy birthday to Brody and had a blast.

As soon as we got to the Lake house we were unpacking the kayaks and both Brody and Blake jumped right in. They were ready to go!
" Let me show you how this is done, says Blake to Brody!"

Cuddling on he couch with the boys!

Tommy and Blake just being goofy!

Brody sure was fascinated by all the fish we caught. He wanted to be right down there and a part of the action. Here he is checking out one of our great catches!

Tommy making silly faces at the camera. This is when I know that I have taken to many pictures.

Eric and Brody found a huckleberry bush and Brody decided he loves huckleberries. Him and Eric picked a bowl full and we put them in his pancakes this morning.

Eric getting the fishing poles ready! I love this picture!! He is so dang handsome!!
(not to mention the funnest dad ever!)

We caught a lot of fish, and some seaweed too!

The boys were checking out the fish, and Eric scared them by pretending it was alive and about to bite them.

All together they caught 3 fish. Tommy was proud to show us his BIG fish!

I would say fishing was the boys favorite part of the trip, but kayaking was a close second. Tommy is really good. Much better then me, he is in full control of that boat.

Tommy Eric and Blake fishing on the kayaks.

Brody, Eric and Blake- ready to go fishing!!

Eric and Blake trying to beat Tommy in a kayak race. Tommy won though!

Celebrating Brody's birthday with pumpkin cupcakes! (yes his candle says nine- I am a bad mom, it was the only candle I had!)

Brody jumped right into his cupcake without any coaxing from us!

Making a cute silly face at Eric!

Opening one of his presents. He got a cow- bubble maker! He loved it.

Here he is trying to pop all the bubbles!!

Got IT!
This was such a fun weekend and I am so glad that we were able to get away and spend time together as a family!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pictures that make me smile...

I love watching my boys play sometimes. Here are a few pics from this week that made me smile.

Eric taught Brody a bad thing, he taught him to open his mouth and than Eric would squirt whip cream in his mouth. I told him no more after the first time. This is a picture of him, trying to get some anyway!!

Tommy reading his brothers books before scouts.

Playdough burger!!

All of Blake's playdough creations. He has quite an imagination!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Handsome Hair Cut for Brody...

Well we finally broke down and cut Brody's hair again. IT is hard to do because we love his curls so much. But we were able to keep it curly on top. Here he is:

What do you think? Is he handsome or what.

Fall Fun!!

I love this time of year. I love the crisp fall air. (When it is sunny though, not so in to the rain! )

I love the upcoming holidays. Decorating the house with my kids, and going on fun play dates. Here are some pics of some playdates we went on with some of Blake's preschool friends.

Play Date at West Fennewick Park

Eating Snacks with our friends.

Blake showing me some cool tricks.

Cute Brody

All piled on the merry go round.

Blake and his buddies- Blake, Brandon, Shayla and Isaac!

Pumpkin Patch

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Introducing an Executive in the making....

Tommy came home from school the other day soooo excited because he was going to run for 3rd grade Student council. He was so cute! And so excited, and so nervous!! He stayed up late that night writting his speech. Then he woke up early, took a shower, (even put on deoderant , he said) , put on a nice shirt and off he went. I was kind of nervous for him, because he practiced his speech a couple of times and I could tell he was really nervous. I told him that a lot of kids were running and it was ok if he didn't win, just proud of him for trying. I could tell as soon as he came running in the door with his friend Rheanna, what the outcome was. He was nominated as the boy candidate for his class and Rheanna was nominated as the girl candidate. That is exactly how they wanted it!! I was excited and proud of both of them. Tommy's friend Rheanna told me that his teacher Mrs. Judd liked his speech so much that she showed it to another teacher. Which suprised me, since I let him write his speech himself, and it really wasn't anything fancy. He even typed it on the computer by himself, and that took forever!!

Here is his speech:

why should you vote for me for student council ? Because I want the voices of Mrs. Judds class to be heard. I will help make sure the ideas and choices are fair. You can trust me because I am honest, and I care about others.
i want to run for camelot student council to help camelot be a better school and lots of fun!!!!!

A Bunch of Basket Cases

Okay, every week I try to have Family Home Evening wiht my kids and it is often a bust.
Trying to teach 3 boys that are at 3 different age and learning levels a little lesson each Monday night is quite a task. I am sure if you were here watching it would be quite humorous. Well I was on someone's blog looking for a good idea for a Family Home Evening Lesson and I came across this idea. I am guessing it worked better for her than it did for me. But it will be a fun memory nonetheless. So this was supposed to keep the kids quiet, and there hands to themselves as they listen to my lesson. The sucker was added incentive to keep there mouths busy.

Tommy is way to big to be in a basket. Blake just turned the basket into rocket ships, and Brody, well he loved every bit of it.

I love this picture of Brody folding his arms for the opening prayer.

First Day of School!!

No today was not Tommy or Blake's first day of school. I am still catching up. Here are pics of there 1st day. Tommy is a big third grader and Blake started pre-school. They both seem to really like school and there classes. It is so fun to watch them come home and tell me all about there day.

Before school picture of Tommy and his crew- Ben, Lana, Zoe, Tommy, Dade and Ben... we are missing his friends Haakan, Joseph and Jacob.

Tommy. Too cool for pics. I hate that he is starting to grow up.

JC, Dade and Tommy- I got Tommy to smile for this one.

Blake and his good friend Zoe. She is in 1st grade. Poor Blake has one more year till he goes to Camelot.

Tommy and Des, after school is over. They both look pretty happy so I guess they had a good first day.

One more picture of the crew- Ben, Danny, Haakan, Zoe, Jacob, Joseph, Dade, Tommy and Blake.

Here are some pics of Blake's first day of school.
Here he is when I am picking him up. He looks pretty serious.

Standing in his classroom. My camera was blurry for some reason that day.