Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pictures that make me smile...

I love watching my boys play sometimes. Here are a few pics from this week that made me smile.

Eric taught Brody a bad thing, he taught him to open his mouth and than Eric would squirt whip cream in his mouth. I told him no more after the first time. This is a picture of him, trying to get some anyway!!

Tommy reading his brothers books before scouts.

Playdough burger!!

All of Blake's playdough creations. He has quite an imagination!!


jjstringham said...

Is that new playdough? Because our playdough is such a mix of colors that no creations would ever look that nice.

And I love that first picture! What a cute little kid!

Jaime said...

Very fun! love that shot of brody w/ the whipped cream. Too funny!

Cruz's said...

your children are a spectacle!! I like cookies ... hmmm! congratulations for your beautiful family!

Beijinhos de toda a família da cruz!