Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tommy's Karate Party

Karate Dude Tommy showing his stuff- This is a picture I took of Tommy and had Becca do up some cute invitations for the party.

Group Picture of Tommy and all his friends. I told you that he had a lot of friends.
Kids working on there Karate Moves.

Say Cheese!!- Tommy's neighbor Desirae and cousin Audrey posing for the camera. Don't they almost look like they could be sisters with there beautiful curly hair.
Tommy's friend DJ, working on his karate punches.

Here is a picture of Tommy and all his friends- Singing Happy Birthday and Eating Cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Tommy... I LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, October 16th was Tommy's 6th Birthday. I can not believe it has been 6 years already. Time seems like it just flew by. I just went and visited my friend Bekki in the hospital who just had her first little baby, and it really seemed like just yesterday that was me having Tommy.

Tommy is such an amazing kid. He has such a love for life and others around him. He has so many friends, because he just likes everyone. We just had a birthday party for him yesterday ( I will post pictures later) and he had so many friends we didn't know who to invite and who not to, so 11 kids later.....!!! (Boy that was one crazy party! Just try and picture 11 kids at a Karate Party, Karate Chopping and Kicking all over the place. )

Althought Tommy is going through a phase where he is experiementing with testing the boundries and my patience, Tommy really does try to do what is right.

Tommy will always have a special place in my heart. He is such a mommy's boy and I hope he stays that way. Even through the teenage years. (yeah right, but I can dream, right?!?)

I love watching Tommy grow up. I am excited to continue to watch him grow up through the years. He truly is an amazing kid.


Okay- I have been tagged, so it is time for all my friends and loved ones to see how boring my life actually is. Here it goes.....

Four Jobs I've had: ( I have only had four jobs my whole life)
Papa Murphy's
Wade Cook Seminars
BDR Development
Smith and Greene Compnay

Four places I've lived:
Kent Washington
Rexburg Idaho
Provo Utah
Federal Way, Washington

Favorite TV Shows:
I only have time for one two TV show right now. I catch a few here and there, but they are all on when I am trying to put my kids down for bed. However I do try to make an extra effort to get my kids down a little early so I can watch:

Biggest Loser- This show is so inspiring to me. Of course Eric and I are usually watching it as we eat a big bowl of popcorn or ice cream.

Extreme Homemakeover- I usually can not make it through an episode without crying.

Also, back in the days when I had cable, I loved to watch What not to Wear. It always suprised me how many things they said were fashion no no's, that I would wear on a daily basis. Someday I hope to get nominated for that show.

Four websites I visit daily-
My Bank accounts- always making sure I still have money
Everyone's blogs. I loved to read everyones blogs.

Four People who e-mail me everyday:
Sandi Stephenson
Eric Mendenhall
That is about it ( I guess I don't have four people, I told you I was boring!!!)

Four of my favorite Foods:
Eric's Steak
Mexican Food (Especially El Charro)
Homemade Pizza
Anything Chocolate!!!!!

Four Places I would rather be right now:
On a Cruise with Eric
Disney Land- The happiest place on earth
At a Cabin on the beach
Somewhere Warm with No Rain!!!

Things I want to do before I die:
Visit Portugal With Eric
Watch my children grow up, succesfully make it through the teenage years, go on missions, get married and start a family of there own.
Finish my kids scrapbooks, it could take that long.

Next Person To Tag:

Jenna Stringham