Sunday, October 21, 2007


Okay- I have been tagged, so it is time for all my friends and loved ones to see how boring my life actually is. Here it goes.....

Four Jobs I've had: ( I have only had four jobs my whole life)
Papa Murphy's
Wade Cook Seminars
BDR Development
Smith and Greene Compnay

Four places I've lived:
Kent Washington
Rexburg Idaho
Provo Utah
Federal Way, Washington

Favorite TV Shows:
I only have time for one two TV show right now. I catch a few here and there, but they are all on when I am trying to put my kids down for bed. However I do try to make an extra effort to get my kids down a little early so I can watch:

Biggest Loser- This show is so inspiring to me. Of course Eric and I are usually watching it as we eat a big bowl of popcorn or ice cream.

Extreme Homemakeover- I usually can not make it through an episode without crying.

Also, back in the days when I had cable, I loved to watch What not to Wear. It always suprised me how many things they said were fashion no no's, that I would wear on a daily basis. Someday I hope to get nominated for that show.

Four websites I visit daily-
My Bank accounts- always making sure I still have money
Everyone's blogs. I loved to read everyones blogs.

Four People who e-mail me everyday:
Sandi Stephenson
Eric Mendenhall
That is about it ( I guess I don't have four people, I told you I was boring!!!)

Four of my favorite Foods:
Eric's Steak
Mexican Food (Especially El Charro)
Homemade Pizza
Anything Chocolate!!!!!

Four Places I would rather be right now:
On a Cruise with Eric
Disney Land- The happiest place on earth
At a Cabin on the beach
Somewhere Warm with No Rain!!!

Things I want to do before I die:
Visit Portugal With Eric
Watch my children grow up, succesfully make it through the teenage years, go on missions, get married and start a family of there own.
Finish my kids scrapbooks, it could take that long.

Next Person To Tag:

Jenna Stringham

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The Kidd's said...

Yea! You finally did it! ;) OK... it's great you don't get to watch too much tv, but one show you must start watching is The Office. Although... you really need to start from the beginning.