Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tommy's First Day of school

Tommy is finally in Kindergarten and boy was he ready!!! Here are some cute pics I got of him at his first day of school. Since his first day of school was actually an orientation for him and the parents, I took two sets of pics. One on his first day and then more on his actual first day without me. I knew he would be excited, but part of me wished he would have been a little sad. Nope, not my Tommy. As soon as the teacher opened the door he was off inside the classroom already making new friends. Since parents couldn't go inside, I had to yell "Goodbye Tommy!!!", he turned around and waved and then he was off. The only one that was a little sad was me. I am so excited for him, but at the same time it is so hard for me not to be with him and be so in control of his surroundings. My poor little Tommy is off in the big world now. (J/K). But he is growning up.

(Tommy and his friend Jared Niles)

(Mr. Cool)

(Tommy and Mom)

(Tommy and his friend/neighbor Desirae)


jjstringham said...

What cute pictures! I can't believe Tommy is so big now!

Mark and Jennifer Stringham said...

My heart breaks and swells at the same time. Cute pictures!

The Kidd's said...

He's so big. I was just looking at pictures from a year ago and he looks so much older! You know he's going to LOVE school! :)

jjstringham said...

Okay. I voted just because you told me to. I really have no idea who is who though.

TheDillon6 said...

hey come you haven't posted anything new and exciting?! ;)