Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tommy's Big Catch

Tommy caught his first fish this summer, with the help of Dad and our neighbor Robin. It was a 5 pounder so he needed a little help. Mom sent the camera with Dad so that if by chance Tommy caught anything, but of course the batteries our dead.

Luckily Robin was nice enough to take them out again. This is a picture of the two really big fish they caught. I think one was a 10 pounder and one was a 20 pounder. (Tommy was nice enough to let Dad hold the big fish for the picture:) Now we have lots of yummy Salmon in our freezer.

A special thanks to Robin for taking us out on his boat. These are memories that will last forever.


Jenna and Catie said...

Yummm! You should have us over for dinner. ;-)

The Kidd's said...

WOW! I didn't realize they were THAT big! I've never caught a fish that size. Way to go Tommy & Eric!