Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Canada !!!

This weekend we had the opputunity to go down to Langley, B.C to go to the new LDS temple open house. It is a beautiful temple and was fun to go on a tour with my parents, good friends the Perkins family and especially my husband and children. The spirit was so strong and definatley another witness to me that the temple truly is a house of the Lord. Never do I feel so close to the Lord than when I am in the temple. I love stepping in and the instant peace that I feel as I leave all my worldy cares at the front door. I go to the temple when I am pondering important questions and concerns. I love it there. It is my favorite date to go on with Eric. I can tell that both Tommy and Blake felt the spirit as well as they talked about it quite a bit on the way home. (Brody on the other hand, well we had to keep him quiet, so he didn't take away from the spirit, but he did really good for an 18 month old.)

>Here are some of our pictures of the temple:

On our way to Canada we stopped at the Tulip festival in Mt. Vernon. I thought maybe stopping at a Tulip festival with 3 boys might be a waste of time, but that actually were amazed and talked about it quite a bit. Here are some of the beautiful shots we got.

We also went to a really fun place called Watermania. I didn't get a ton of pictures because I was having to much fun on all the waterslides. My dad was nice enough to snap a few for me though:

We had a lot of fun! So much fun that one the way home my kids were pretty exhausted as you can see-

I don't know how kids sleep like this without a kink in there neck! I would be hurting for days.