Monday, March 22, 2010

Friends Yard Work Party

Digging up all the old grass

Shoveling lots and lots of dirt!

The Camelot Crew taking a break from all the hard work and posing for another picture.

A before Shot

After Shot

Last Saturday was such a beautiful sunny day. One of my friends had a great idea about starting a yard work exchange. We started this last weekend at our friends the Richards house. We helped them get there back yard ready to be hydroseeded. We started around 10am and finished around 6pm. We worked hard but had a ton of fun!!

Tommy said, mom, I am doing all this work and I am not getting paid. But that okay it is fun, it is a lot of fun!

Before Tommy started Camelot I thought about choicing him into Merridith Hill. I am so glad that I didn't. We have made some of the best friends ever1

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sleepover with the Johnsons

This last weekend some good friends of ours went away for the weekend and we had the oppurtunity to have there kids for the night. My kids were so excited!!! It was so much fun! Her kids were amazing, I was worried about how her little one Ammon (1 year and a half old) would do without his mom for the night, but he loved every minute of it, just like the rest of them. Here are some cute pictures from the sleepover.

Tommy's 1st Pinewood Derby

Tommy has loved every minute of being in scouts. I hope his excitement lasts. Anyways, Saturday was his first Pinewood Derby race. Tommy had a lot of fun building his car with Papa, and decorating it with Dad. He especially loved race day. It was a lot of fun watching these boys race. Tommmy had such a great attitude. HE only came in 10th place but he was jumping up and down every race. His car seemed to come in 2nd most every time he raced which made him really happy.

*** In the second picture you can see his car is the black and white car. IT looks like it is in first but it ended up coming in second.***

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pictures that make me smile....

Okay, so as you have noticed, I too have got lost into the facebook world. I am repenting and going to start to try to do better at my blogging. I really want to blog on a weekly basis so I can keep track of all these precious memories that make me smile. I don't scrapbook, so my blog has become my family journal and scrapbook. Anyways... I was going through pictures and here are a few that I came through that make me smile.


This year I had the opportunity to do a Co-op preschool with Blake and some 6 of his friends and mothers. I have had a lot of fun. This years curriculum was focused around the letters of the alphabet. Blake knows so many of his letters and sounds. He is doing a great job and learning so many things. We have created a lot of fun memories.... so I thought I would take a minute to document a few of them.

K is for Kitchen.

Future Chefs

Chef Blake

We had a lot of fun learning how to work in our "Joy School Kitchen"! We made cereal necklaces, chef hats, and play dough. IT was a lot of fun learning what goes on in a kitchen, how to follow a recipe and create a masterpiece.

R is for Rescue

Eric works by the City of Sumner fire station, as was nice enough to help coordinate a field trip to the fire station. The kids really enjoyed climbing in the fire truck and learning all about fireman do.

Posing for a picture with the fireman. Even Brody got to be part of the field trip.

Brody loved his fireman hat. The best (and sometimes worst) part of doing a co-op preschool is that Brody got to be involved on field trips and when it was my turn to teach at my house. He tries so hard to be one of the big kids.

Blake driving the firetruck

I love the look these two are giving each other. (Since the field trip was in Sumner, Eric was able to stop by and give me a hand for a while.)

I like this picture too. I like looking at all the kids faces staring up at the fireman.

T is for Tumbling

We also did a field trip to Harts Gymnastics. This was soooo much fun. The kids got to run around a big gym and jump on trampolines, twirl on bars, do summer salts and kart wheels, and all sorts of stuff.

Brody and his friend Carsen enjoying the field trip.

Blake and Ben walking the tight-rope

Brody on the mini-trampoline.

Blake's good friend Ryland (Mono-the -monkey!!)

Blake going down the slide and giving me a quick and adorable smile.