Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Fun

Sorry everyone, I have been a slacker on my posts. Here are pictures from Halloween and from our trip(s) to the pumpkin patch. Actually searching through my pics, I remembered my camera was not working the second time we went to the pumkin patch. And my kids were more into trick or treating then posing for halloween pictures. Here are the few photos I have:

First the Pumpkin Patch

Searching for the perfect pumkin is a serious job.

I found it. The perfect pumpkin. Now if I can only get it home. This is heavier than I thought.

Why am I posing by these guys again???

Tommy posing for a picture. It is so hard when they get to a certain age and there smiles become more and more fake. Oh well. He is always nice about it anyways.


We had a lot of fun for halloween. First we went to our ward trunk or treat. We invited our neighbor Desirae and it was a lot of fun. She thought it was so cool. Then Tommy and Blake, Desirae, Mushy and Eric went trick or treating around the neighborhood. They got a lot of candy. Blake definatley got into the spirit of trick or treating. He loved that people were giving him candy. He had to take a good look into his halloween bucket everytime someone gave him a piece of candy. He loved watching it fill up to the top. Poor little guy though, we had to take half his candy away because anything with Milk (which is anything chocolate,) or anything with peanuts, he can't have due to his allergies. Poor guy got stuck with suckers, starbursts, and skittles. None of the good stuff. Oh well. Good think is he doesn't know what he is missing.

Here are the few pics I was able to get.

Blake refused to wear anything cute and cuddly. We had a dog costume and a tiger costume that he didn't like to wear. So he ended up being a cowboy. By the time I got this picture, he had already ripped his hat off and his scarf. Oh well. Anyone with a two year old will understand how hard it is to get them to pose in a costume for a halloween picture. Hopefully I will have better luck next year.

Tommy as batman and Desirae as Catwomen.

Tommy as batman.