Friday, June 26, 2009


On Thursday Rebecca and I took the kids to Seahurst Park for a fun summer adventure. We packed a picnic, some buckets and shovels and headed to the beach. IT was a lot of fun. The kids could have stayed there all day. It broke there heart when it was time to go home. Rebecca was nice to snaps some shots for me, as I was busy making sure brody didn't eat all the sand.We had a blast and definatley plan on going back again!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tommy Learns to Knee Board....

We went out on the boat today, surprise, surprise.... but I got some awesome pictures of Tommy learning to Knee Board. He is so proud of himself. He can't wait till he gets really good and can do 360's like Dad. Then he says he is on to wakeboarding. It took him a while for him to get up, but once he got up he was stoked and wanted to go again and again. Here are some pictures...

Trying hard to pull himself up.

Getting closer...



What a STUD!!

IT won't be long until I am up on the Knee board!! But for now, I am just sittin on the dock, cute as can be!!

Pictures that make me smile.....

There are some days that I just love being a mom, and my kids make me smile from ear to ear. Today was one of those days. Here are some pictures of Blake and Brody. The first one totally makes me smile. I just love watching them from a distance. Blake is so good with Brody. They truly do have a strong connection.

Blake is a typical older brother though. Here are some pictures of him driving Brody crazy. Actually Blake loves every minute of it. It just drives me crazy!!

I can't help it. I love my BOYS. Tommy is still in school. 2 more school days left. Then he will be joining the summer fun.