Monday, March 15, 2010

Tommy's 1st Pinewood Derby

Tommy has loved every minute of being in scouts. I hope his excitement lasts. Anyways, Saturday was his first Pinewood Derby race. Tommy had a lot of fun building his car with Papa, and decorating it with Dad. He especially loved race day. It was a lot of fun watching these boys race. Tommmy had such a great attitude. HE only came in 10th place but he was jumping up and down every race. His car seemed to come in 2nd most every time he raced which made him really happy.

*** In the second picture you can see his car is the black and white car. IT looks like it is in first but it ended up coming in second.***


Billykidd said...

Good job Tommy!
Quite impressive for a first timer. :)

Mark and Jennifer said...

Bring your car over the next time you visit, Tommy, so I can see it close up. Great job!

Annalisa and Jacob said...

I had the most fun watching Tommy get so excited each race, no matter what place he came in!! What a great kid!

The J's said...

Go Tommy!! These pix really captured all of the excitement he was feeling! That is so cool that he is really into it!!!!