Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tommy's Karate Party

Karate Dude Tommy showing his stuff- This is a picture I took of Tommy and had Becca do up some cute invitations for the party.

Group Picture of Tommy and all his friends. I told you that he had a lot of friends.
Kids working on there Karate Moves.

Say Cheese!!- Tommy's neighbor Desirae and cousin Audrey posing for the camera. Don't they almost look like they could be sisters with there beautiful curly hair.
Tommy's friend DJ, working on his karate punches.

Here is a picture of Tommy and all his friends- Singing Happy Birthday and Eating Cupcakes.


jjstringham said...

Wow. That was a lot of kids. I think I would've gone crazy. Becca did a really good job with the first one. :-)

The Kidd's said...

Great pictures! The one of Audrey & Desirae is cute!.. and I like the one of Tommy when everyone is singing happy birthday! It was a fun party and one I'm sure Tommy will remember for a long time!

TheDillon6 said...

it looks like a lot of fun...I can only imagine the NOISE LEVEL and they "hah-yah'ing" that went on! ;)

Mark and Jennifer Stringham said...

Looks like such a fun party! No wonder he has so many friends. Your home always has so many exciting things going on.

The J's said...

I didn't even know Tommy did karate... what a fun party!!! Jaylee and I waere sayi9ng he lokos so different... obviously older but different too... like not really kiddish anymore. (and so very handsome!) Does Blake adore him?!?