Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Day of School!!

No today was not Tommy or Blake's first day of school. I am still catching up. Here are pics of there 1st day. Tommy is a big third grader and Blake started pre-school. They both seem to really like school and there classes. It is so fun to watch them come home and tell me all about there day.

Before school picture of Tommy and his crew- Ben, Lana, Zoe, Tommy, Dade and Ben... we are missing his friends Haakan, Joseph and Jacob.

Tommy. Too cool for pics. I hate that he is starting to grow up.

JC, Dade and Tommy- I got Tommy to smile for this one.

Blake and his good friend Zoe. She is in 1st grade. Poor Blake has one more year till he goes to Camelot.

Tommy and Des, after school is over. They both look pretty happy so I guess they had a good first day.

One more picture of the crew- Ben, Danny, Haakan, Zoe, Jacob, Joseph, Dade, Tommy and Blake.

Here are some pics of Blake's first day of school.
Here he is when I am picking him up. He looks pretty serious.

Standing in his classroom. My camera was blurry for some reason that day.

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Billykidd said...

Seriously Maria... Tommy looks SO old in these pictures. Those are some good lookin boys!