Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Bunch of Basket Cases

Okay, every week I try to have Family Home Evening wiht my kids and it is often a bust.
Trying to teach 3 boys that are at 3 different age and learning levels a little lesson each Monday night is quite a task. I am sure if you were here watching it would be quite humorous. Well I was on someone's blog looking for a good idea for a Family Home Evening Lesson and I came across this idea. I am guessing it worked better for her than it did for me. But it will be a fun memory nonetheless. So this was supposed to keep the kids quiet, and there hands to themselves as they listen to my lesson. The sucker was added incentive to keep there mouths busy.

Tommy is way to big to be in a basket. Blake just turned the basket into rocket ships, and Brody, well he loved every bit of it.

I love this picture of Brody folding his arms for the opening prayer.


Jaime said...

FHE is a task, isn't it? I think the more you do it the more they'll figure out what to do. At some point they will know how important it is to be reverent during FHE, but that will probably come at a later time in their lives. For now, just enjoy it, and don't stress, and know that there are plenty of other households out there that are experiencing the same thing you are. We have the opposite problem at our house, Truman wants to have FHE every night, once a week just ins't enough for him. ;) Keep up the good work!

Mark and Jennifer said...

Fun idea! Love Brody folding his arms!! And Blake playing airplane! And Tommy is growing way too fast!