Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer Trip to Utah..

WARNING!!! This is going to be a really long post. So feel free to just skim through it. We had an oppurtunity to go to Utah and visit Eric's family. WE had sooooo much fun. It made me wish we lived closer. The kids had the best time with all there cousins. And ask me all the time when we go back. I just wish it wasn't so expensive.
The flight down was horrible.There were thunder and lightening storms and there was quite a bit of turbulance. Brody threw up several times, and as soon as we got of the plane Blake lost it. YUCK!
But the fun we had on the trip was so worth it.

We went to temple square, shot guns with Uncle James, went on the boat like everyday, went to Savanna's b-day party, had family pics taken, went on a hike to Cascade springs where
Eric proposed tome, went camping.. the works. It was a lot of fun!!

I love this Temple. This is the Salt Lake City Temple where Eric and I were married. So of course we took the kids to visit Temple Square. WE also got to go to Music and the spoken word in the confrence center.

This is the view from Eric's parents deck. Isn't it beautiful. The sunsets were amazing.

Ben, Wyatt and Blake going on a Nature Hike!

Tommy, Ben, Wyatt, Blake, Tommy and Blake, Eric and Brody. they found a cool tunnel to explore.

Ben and Blake are very close in age and became quite good pals.

Eric struttin his tuff on the golf course. WE had the oppurtunity to go out on a date with all Eric's brothers and sisters and their spouses. It was so fun to be together and play and be kidless.

Christine lookin great as usual!

All of us on the golf course. None of us really knew what we were doing, except for Jared. We had a lot of fun trying though.

This is Lindsys golf pose! Work it Girl!!

As you can tell by James' swing, he golfed a little like

Me and Christine giving high five on the golf course. WE were getting quite good!

The girls. Lindsey, Emily, Christine, and Me.

Paul and Lindsey, getting a little fresh in the golf cart!

Christine and Jared

James and Emily

Paul and Lindsey

Maria and Eric

The beautiful course

Eric and Emily

Ready for a family bike ride.

Brody wants to come too!

Brody and Papa

The boys!! Isaac, Wyatt, Brody and Carter

Temple Square

Look at Blake's face in this picture. He is having so much fun!

I love this picture of Blake- He is such a handsome boy!
One of the kids favorite part of the trip was shooting guns with Uncle James who is a police officer for the City of Orem.

Riding in the cop car was pretty cool for Tommy!


Jaime said...

it is great to see a new post from you. What a fun trip! Looks like beautiful weather too. Glad you got to go & have so much fun.

Mark and Jennifer said...

That was so fun to read. What a great vacation!! Your kids will love looking back at all the pictures and stories!

Billykidd said...

REALLY great pics Maria. You know I love that first shot of the temple and I also love that sunset picture on the golf course. That is an awesome shot! What a fun trip. Is summer really over? :(

A família Violante said... guys are too cute too...I miss Elder Mendenhall so much!! Thanks for your can see my blog fam are crazy! LOL
Anyways...we are soooo happyyyyy for our Temple in Portugal...i still dont believe it!! So cooolll!! I know its because of work missonary too...and Mendenhall was here....sweet! Love ya! São Violante

The J's said...