Friday, October 1, 2010

Pictures from this Summers Boating Adventures

Unfourtatly we did not get to go out on the boat as much as we would have liked too this year. The weather was not always the best, plus we had a jam packed summer it seems like and there was never a free day. But the couple of times we went out were a lot of fun. Well except once!

Our Boating Trip with the Godbolt Family

Dade , Blake and Zoe on the tube!

Saige and Brody- Don't babies look so cute in life jackets.

Shawna and me!

Brody- his cheeks were startng to get a little pink.

Tommy and his good buddy Dade!!

I love this picture of Tommy. He is so stinkin handsome!!

Dade learned how to knee board this summer! Way to go Dade!

Tommy- the knee boarding pro. No luck on wakeboarding this year. He tried once but it was so choppy he did not like it.

Shawna and Saige sportin' there nice sunglasses.

Me and Brody and Shawna and Saige trying out the tube.

Another boating trip with the Nyangweso family

Then our last boating trip for the summer!!! With the Kidd family.

Our boat's battery went dead, so Eric was stuck on the lake for hours. For the most part the kids were able to entertain themselves. But it was still frusterating. Our good friends the Angells came to our rescue. And they were able to have fun. WE now need to make a $300 dollar repair to our boat. Since we are trying to save up for an addition we decided to park the boat for the summer, but don't worry, we will have the boat fixed and ready to go by the first part of next summer.

Eric calling for help when stranded on Lake Washington

"Our Angells"- good friends the Angell family came to rescue us.

Tommy, Audrey and Ethan on the tube. Tommy's mask kills me.

Tommy, Audrey and

I love David's facce in the picture. He thinks tommy is pretty silly with his snorkel on.


Billykidd said...

That snorkel mask makes the pictures! I laugh everytime I see it!

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Look! You blogged! You're alive! lol:)

Looks like a way fun summer :)

Mark and Jennifer said...

I think that boat so worth it for you. Certainly gotten a lot of use out of it. Your family seems to always be having fun!