Friday, October 1, 2010

One of our new favorite vacations of all times has become Seaside, OR. This summer we went there again, and invited Eric's mom to come with us. We had a blast and have such good memories. I had over 1,000 pics from this trip. And had a hard time picking some. I actually created a book of this trip, because I had soooo many pictures, but here are a few of my favorites.

Blake and Eric. One of Blake's favorite parts of the trip was going searching for sea creatures. And boy did we find all sorts of stuff, from star fish to hermit crabs. By the end of the morning his bucket was full.

Some of the many starfish that we spotted on our trip!!

Eric and his mom surfing the waves. I couldn't believe Nana got in the water, seeing as she just came from the California beaches, which were quite warmer. But she did, and they had a lot of fun. Once they were numb of course.

Tommy was a mad man on this trip. He tried everything, which really suprised me, because anyone that knows Tommy knows that he thinks whenever he goes swimming that the water should be as warm as our hot tub in the back yard. He hates cold water. But for some reason it didn't stop him this trip.

His favorite was the skim board. But he did ride the waves too!

Eric especially loved surfing. He never wanted to get out, and was begging us all to go in with him every chance he could get.

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. This is when we got to the beach for the first time. Eric and Tommy grabbed there boogie boards and were off to hit the waves, Brody was sooo cute following behind them. He was sure he got to go boogie boarding too. (As soon as he felt the water, he changed his mind.)

Blake building sandcastles on the beach!! Love his smile. Such a good lookin boy!

Cool Dudes!!

Of course with all the surfin and skim boarding they did, there were quite a few wipe outs!!

Tommy's face covered in dirt after total wipe out.

Enjoying the beach and a snack!!


Billykidd said...

This looks so fun Maria! I love that picture of all the star fish. Really great pictures!!

The J's said...

Great pictures... I wish for Christmas I could buy you a family pack of plane tix so you could come enjoy the nice warm water at the New Jersey beaches with us!! I'd even treat you to Mac N Manco's Pizza!!!! :)

Mark and Jennifer said...

Your boys sure love the water!

Tara and Orlando said...

I love all the updates. You have some awesome pics in there. And lots of fun times.