Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pickle Ball Match

Well I am sure that a lot of you saw these on my Sister Becca's blog, but I just thought they were too cute, so I am copying her post.

Blake and Davie get along so well. They truly have so much fun everytime they are together.Sometimes I wish we lived closer so they could play more. Here they are enjoying a fun pickle ball game. They played for quite a while and really understood the point of the game. All of the swim instructers even pointed out how cute they were.


Mark and Jennifer said...

So cute! Those tow sure play well together ... except for the little "accidents"!

The Kidds said...

this morning david woke up and asked, me.. "play ball with blake?"... i knew exactly what he meant! love that they're such cute friends now!

Jaime said...

It is so great to see these pictures again. I don't care if you do similar posts to becca, it's still twice the enjoyment. The boys are so cute together!