Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swim Lessons

For the past two weeks Tommy, Ethan and Audrey have been doing private swim lessons. I think they had a lot of fun. Tommy is like me and could not float on his back for the life of him, he would sink to the bottom, but his teacher really worked with him and he got across the pool width wise on his back by the end. I was so proud. They also worked on there crawl stroke and pencil dive. He still has a long way to go, but also came a long way. I am so proud of Tommy. Even though the floating on his back never came easy to him, he never gave up or even got frusterated, he just kept trying.

Here they are- first day of class and ready to learn!!

Tommy posing for a pic!

Ethan and Tommy - working on there kicking and breathing!

This was Tommy's first attempt at a dive- he started out in diving position and ended like this. It was quite funny.

As the practices went on he got a lot better.

By the end, he was even doing a decent dive of the diving board.

Blake and Davie had a lot of fun at swimming lessons too, they got to play together in the kiddie pool.


Mark and Jennifer said...

Way to go Tommy!! Great pictures!! Even though the pictures are similar to Becca's, it is nice to focus on what Tommy is doing!

theamazingjohnsons said...

How fun for them to be able to take private lessons! Looks like they are having a great time.

Courtney said...

Ooo, he must be a sailor... that's a total sailor dive!

My kids are in swimming lessons right now too, crazy!

Park Family said...

They are so cute!!! Tommy is going to be a pro in no time. Keep up the good work Tommy!

Sarah Jane said...

Hey Maria - I saw your post on Jen's blog, which you found from Lynnea's... fun to see the pictures. I've t hought of you a lot... we need to get in touch so we can get together! What a cute family you have!

Sarah Jane

TheDillon6 said...

so much fun! We sure missed our buddies, though! ;)

The J's said...

I'm sorry that I am 2 day slate Maira... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a good excuse, but i don't want to lie! Hope it was happy (As happy as a 30th Bday can be!!) Jenn

Angie Startin said...

Only 83 days to are you feeling these days? Has pregnancy gotten better? I love the pic in the previous post where you are going down the slide. Classic:)

The J's said...

Maria, I saw that your Baby Ticker is down to 81 days!! I was wondering how you were feeling... Physically and emotionally? Remember, we can always swap one kid if we ever have another girl (haha). Jenn