Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Vacation- Part 1

We have been having so much fun this summer that it has been hard for me to get a spare moment to post some of our pictures. We just got back from our family summer vacation. We drove down to Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls. I was really worried how the kids would do on the drive down, but they did amazing. We stoped both ways in Boise and got a hotel, just like I used to do as a kid. That really helped a lot. Here are some of our favorite pics and memories from the trip,

Driving in our car- Look how happy they look. Ok, sure we had only made it down Peasly Canyon at this point, but seriously they had fun the whole way.

Our first night in Utah. Usually mom or dad reads Tommy stories at night, but it was fun for Tommy to get to read with Nanna and Papa for a change.

The next day we went on the boat. My kids loved riding on the boat, and being pulled on the intertube. Tommy wasn't sure he would like it, but ended up loving it. Blake was amazing too.

Tommy and Audrey- Just chillin on the boat.

Daddy and Blake- riding the tube!!

Papa , Tommy and Blake having a great time!

Holding on tight.

Next on the agenda- Haircuts from Nanna. Blake wasn't too sure how he felt about it.

He looks pretty handsome though, doesn't he?

Well it is 11:00PM at night and I am exhausted. I have so many pictures and memories to share, I think I took a total of 600 pictures on this trip. Don't worry I won't make you sit through them all but I will post more tomorrow.


The Dillon 6 said...

love the pictures! Cousin Audrey made me do a double-take because I think it looks a tad-bit like our Aubrey. ;) Look forward to hearing more about your fun vacation!!!

Mark and Jennifer said...

Okay, that was fun to look at! It looks like they had so much fun on the tubes! And I love the one of nana and papa reading them stories! What fun family memories!

Park Family said...

Glad you guys had fun! Tommy and Blake look like naturals on the intertube.

The J's said...

Looks like fun!! Hpoe you got some pix of Grandma too... jason wants sooo badly to get out adn see her!!

The Kidds said...

i love blakes new haircut! very cute!

looks like so much fun!!!... when is eric buying a boat already? ;)

Amy and Kelly said...

loved the nana and papa bedtime picture. Makes me miss my own grandkids. How are you feeling? Wish that you and Angie lived closer, she can totally relate to the sick prego thing. She really hates not having family close by. But hey, looks like they might be living somewhere in the Seattle area next summer when Brett graduates! Whatever, she really needs to live closer to me, is what I say!! Ha.