Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Trip to PA... more fun to DisneyLand!!

This past Summer we went on one of the BEST vacations we have ever been on. We went to visit Jason, Jenn, Jaylee, Jenni and Jackson in Pennsylvania!! We went to the beach, just played at there amazing house, checked out Hersheys and more. My kids had so much fun they said they would rather go back to PA then to Disneyland. That is how much fun we had.

Our first stop was the NJ beach.... so much fun. And guess what, the beach was actually warm. Something we never experience here on the west coast, even in the summer. My kids couldn't wait to brag to there friends and tell them they went swimming both in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean all in the same summer. They were also proud to say that while we were at the beach there was a ___ and we had to hurry out of town.

We had so much fun at the beach/boardwalk...we stayed there from first thing in the morning till about 10 oclock at night.
After we played all day at the beach we hit the boardwalk...
Our first stop.. Mac N Manco's pizza. Where Jason and Tommy had a pizza eating contest. I have to admit the pizza in New Jersey is YUMMY!!! So who one the contest?? I think uncle Jason did, but Tommy swears it is because his pizzas were not as big as the one's Tommy was eating!! By the end though, we were all stuffed!! We decided to walk around the boardwalk to walk off our dinner.

All that fun and that was only day one!!
The next day at the beach was a little more cold due to the upcoming hurricane. But since we are Washingtonians, it didn't phase us one bit. Cold and windy, isn't that how it always is at the beach.. But I did not get as many pictures that day, and we were evacuated by noon... but it is still cool to say we were part of a hurricane.

Then we headed back to Jason and Jenns house for more fun times. My boys were in Heaven!!! There yard alone could keep my boys happy for a whole summer. Bugs, guns, swings, cousins, and tons of yard to explore and run in.

                                                Some of the crazy creatures the boys fround

                                                       Exploring the canel for more creatures

                                                                         Fun Swing
                                                                       Funny  tree

                                         Uncle Jason teaching the boys to shoot BB guns

                                                      Fun Rides at Knobles Theme Park

                                            Army Hats the boys bought with their allowance
                                             This picture of Tommy and Blake in the background
                                              makes me laugh.

                                                                 Having a Blast !!
                                               Poor Brody!! So much fun.. But he got so tired!

                                      One day we decided to do a photo shoot with all the kids and had a blast!

                                            The kids in the corn field  after the hurricane

                                            Jennibelle always willing to pose for the camera
The kids striking all sorts of poses for me

                                                          Brody- Isn't he handsome ??

                                            And of course we had to visit Hershey's while we
                                           were in PA

                                            And Brody had a blast teaching uncle
                                           Jason how to box!

 WE had sooo much fun. Thank you Jason, Jen, Jaylee, Jennibelle and Jackson for having us.
WE can't wait to come again!!1
Oh yeah, and we can't forget Eric's highlight of the trip
Our evening walk's to Rita's ( his other love )

He still talks about Rita's fondly.
My boys still talk about PA fondly and can't wait till we can visit again.

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The J's said...

This was SO MUCH FUN to read!! What great memories!!!! Come on back ANYTIME you want!!!!! I wish there was a way to mail Rita's to Eric for his bday!! I also LOVE the pic of teh boys at Knoebels with the bear. Blake's face makes me smile. And I still think the pic you posted of Brody on the phot shoot belongs in a Gap ad somewhere!!!