Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall sports

Both Tommy and Blake participate in Fall sports. Tommy is doing Flag football and Blake is doing soccer.

This was Tommy's first year of doing football and he loved it!! He has quite an arm, and made quite the quarterback. He would love to play the real deal football, with pads and all, but all the games are on Sunday and he didn't want to do that. Kind of a bummer. His good friend Joesph was on his team though and they had a lot of fun. It was perfect for him to learn all the in's and outs of football.

We love watching the boys play. Nothing we would rather do on a Saturday morning. Even in the rain. Brody is their biggest fan. He is such a great sport and comes to all their games. He also cheers and claps very loud for his brothers.

Tommy and Blake's biggest Fan
Always cheering them on. Always full of smiles. Went to every game!!
 I think he will also be excited for when it is his turn to be out on the field. But for now... he is loving just cheering his brother's on.
Blake started his first year of soccer and Eric got succered in to coaching again. Blake loves having his dad as coach, because Eric is so fun. Their team name is the Lightnings. Blake is quite the go getter. He suprised us at how aggressive and good he is at handling the ball. He made quite a few goals for his team this past year and we are really proud of him.

                                                    Group huddle with coach Eric-
                                                               Best Coach Ever!!



The J's said...

Fun sports!! Are these pics from this year already... they look so fall-y already! I would LOVE to havae a flag football team around here. BTW... LOVE Brody's sweater... hint hint!!! :)

Amy said...

How fun!! Brody is so cute cheering his brothers on. What a wonderful, supportive family. LOVE IT!!