Friday, May 8, 2009

BRRRRR!!!! But Still So Fun...

Well it wasn't raining!!! But it was exactly warm, but when you live in Washington and your Eric, 59 degrees is good enough. So we packed up the boat, packed up the kids, and packed a picnic and off we went to Lake Meridian to test out the boat. It was a lot of fun, even though it was cold. Blake loved driving the boat and dipping his feet in the water, and Tommy loved driving the boat and playing with the fish finder. He was wishing he brought his fishing pole. They also enjoyed looking at the ducks and the turtles that were seriously the size of Blakes head. Of course I forgot to get a picture of those and on the way back they were gone.

Daddy and Tommy just chillin on the boat.

Let me drive this thing!!

Just happy as can be!!

Calling Nanna- Guess what Nanna we got a boat. You chicken Noodle (For anyone that knows Blake, he calls everyone a chicken noodle these days.)

Yes... You heard him right. He did just call you a Chicken Noodle.

Brody seemed to really enjoy the boat, then when he got tired he just fell asleep in my arms. Could I look anymore wind blown. Oh well.

Blake posing for yet another picture!

Tommy wrapped up in a blanket, not wanting to pose for another picture. They can only take so much.

I love Blake's face in this picture. He was having soooooo much fun driving the boat. Especially when it was going fast. The faster the better!!

Does this life jacket make me look fat??

Are we having fun yet???

Eric just chillin on the open bow eating his lunch.


Mark and Jennifer said...

That looks like so much fun! Can hardly wait til we can go with you. And that picture of Brody in the life jacket cracked me up.

Kidd Family said...

so fun!
love the "does this life jacket make me look fat" pic! he is sooooo cute!

The Dillon 6 said...

What a FUN time!! :)

I think we have a life-jacket that's just Brody's size...and maybe a few others that our kids have outgrown. They'd be a good addition to your stash...