Sunday, May 10, 2009

Can Anyone Guess what we did yesterday???

Okay, I know you might start getting sick of our family boat pictures, but you know how it is when you get a new toy.....

Yesterday was a perfect day to go boating. This time we took it out to Lake Washington. We invited some of our friends the Stephenson family to come with us. The boys had a lot of fun. They liked when Eric would go really fast and do fast turns.

Here are some more pictures:

Brody enjoying the boat ride and all the fun company.

Maria, Eric and Brody. Just chillin on the boat. Look how beatuiful it was yesterday. The water was so blue, and the scenery was amazing. We tried hard not to covet all those beautiful houses on the lake. I know I look wind blown again. I am going to have to figure out what to do with my hair on the boat.

Sandi and Joe posing for a pic. Aren't they so cute! I thought this was a good picture of these two.

Joe and Bridger Stephenson.

Sandi, Maria and Brody. Brody didn't seem to appreciate Eric turning his head to the camera. I am afraid he may grow up to have a phobia of camera's.

Eric let Tommy try to drive the boat all by himself today and Eric went and sat on the open bow with Blake. Tommy was a little nervous at first, but when he realized there was nothing for him to crash into, he had a lot of fun, just look at his face!

Eric and Brody

Maria and Brody

Brody just chillin on the boat.

I would like to say Eric was going so fast that it scared the pants off Blake, but Blake was not scared at all, maybe he was just going so fast, it BLEW the pants of Blake. All and ALL, Blake had a Blast.... WE ALL DID!!


Shawna said...

so much fun! We got that life jacket from Ikea, yay!

Mark and Jennifer said...

That look on Tommy's face as he was driving the boat is priceless. Fun pictures and I am trying not to covet your boat.

The Dillon 6 said...

so.envious. :)

nea and rusty said...

what a fun toy to play around with! and nice to have some sunny weather to better enjoy it with, huh! cute pictures of your kids having a good time!

Mary said...

What fun times! I remember going boating with Ryan's parents and just loving the water and scenery. I did get fried to a crisp once. Couldn't walk well after that...I crawled around for a few days. Glad you had fun. The boys look like they are having a blast.

Tara and Orlando said...

Fun! We won't get sick of boat pictures. I'm glad you guys get a lot of use out of it. Your kids are so cute!

Jaime said...

looks like lots of fun, and a beautiful day to go out on a boat.