Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blakes Birthday( a little bit late)

I can't believe I forgot to post about Blakes Birthday. What do you say about little Blake. He is definatley one of a kind. He is probably the only one in the world that can make me mad, and smile all in the same time. He is full of personality. He loves to play with Dad and Tommy. He hates when we talke Tommy to school. He loves to play with Cars, trucks , balls and animals. When he smiles his eyes light up. I love his smile. He is growing up so fast. I can not believe he is already two years old. Time flies when you are having fun.

I was so worried that Blakes was going to get jipped since his birthday was so close to Christmas. But that was not the case. He actually got 3 birthday parties this year. One with David on Thanksgiving. One when Eric's parents came to visit. We took him to Red Robin. They came and sang to him and it scared the pants off of him. And one with the family. We ended up babysitting some kids that day, so he thought he was getting another party. But he deserves it!! Here are some pics

(He loves his dog and sleeps with him everynight. Thanks Kidd family)

We got Davie a spider man bike. We thought it would be fun for the two of them to ride bikes together this spring.

(WOW, a cupcake for me. Yippeee!!!)

(David's cupcake looks better than mine. There is something about a cupcake filled with eggs and milk that makes it look much more fluffier and yummy.)

(Mommy tried even harder this time. She bought me a rice dream (fake ice cream) chocolate covered cupcake. I thought it was yummy, but cold.)


The Kidds said...

Geeesh! Finally!... just kidding!
Those are cute pictures... poor blake and his "special" cupcakes! I'm sure he was just happy to get one along with everyone else! The bike has been a big hit! He rides it to the bus stop all the time! Glad to hear that Blake likes his puppy!

TheDillon6 said...

so fun! I didn't notice you'd skipped his birthday post ~ but I'm sure when he's a teenager and he's trying to prove that you don't love him, he would have discovered your error. So it's a good thing you caught yourself! ;)

in regards to your comment about how cute Dana's cheeks are and that you want to pinch them...
When you say to someone, "Your little girl looks just like you ~ she's so cute!" does that mean that SHE (the mom/dad) is cute? Or just the kid? And if it means that the mom/dad is cute, does that mean that you want to pinch my cheeks, too??? ;)