Monday, December 28, 2009

Stringham's Annual Christmas Nativity

Here are the pictures of our annual Christmas Eve nativity. This year Jenna was Mary and Ryan was Joseph. Baby Matthew was our little baby Jesus. Tommy was a wiseman and a shepard, Brody was a wiseman and Blake and Davie were Shepards ( they always want the stick/cane). Audrey, Emily and Catie were our beautiful angels. This is such a fun tradition that the kids look forward to. I think it is going to be so fun to look back at these pictures through the years. My guess is when they are teenagers they will not dress up for us anymore, so in the mean time I am going to cheris it while I can.

Isn't Brody the cutest Shepard in his hat and snowman pajamas.
Christmas Eve is the holiday I looked forward to most, all year long when I was a kid, and still do to this day. The whole family (except Jason, Jenn , Jaylee and Jennibelle who are in Pensylvannia ) get together. We always have so much fun food, and fun times. It is tradition that the kids get to exchange gifts and open one gift on Christmas Eve. It is so much fun.


Mark and Jennifer said...

It is my favorite time, too. I am glad they are still so excited about it. Some of them insisted on dressing themselves this year.

The J's said...

Looks like so much fun... on eyar before they are all too old and "cool", we'll spend Christmas in Seattle so my kids can do it with their cousins!!