Sunday, November 22, 2009

A great way to start the Holiday Season....

This weekend was a lot of fun and the perfect way to spend the Holiday Season. First,our family went up to a cabin at the bottom of Mt. Rainer with some good friends of ours the Flamm family. It was a lot of fun, playing games, drinking hot chocolate, roasting hotdogs and smores over the fire, watching the snow come down, and playing in the snow and having snow ball fights. It was so much fun.

Who needs to roast hot dogs. I like mine raw. (Yuck)

Brody and his buddy Carsen.

Blake and his buddy Kylee

Sara and Carsen and Maria and Brody

The Flamm Family... I forgot to get a shot of our whole family... It was to hard to round up all the kids. a Eric loves starting fires. My little Piro hubby.

Brody enjoying the fire.

Me and my cute chub chub brody
Tommy ready for some snow ball fights.

Cute picture of Kylee and Carsen in there matching snow man pajamas.

4 Little monkeys jumping on the bed!!

Eric and Brody!!

The weekend crew: Blake, Kylee, Carsen and Tommy!!!

When we got back from our little Cabin in the mountains adventure we went straight to our good friends the Godbolts house for the Camelot Crew's annual "Food, Fall and Fun get together. These are friends that we made as Tommy started Camelot. I love Camelot because everyone is so close and we have made some of our best friends through Camelot. Here are some pics:

The Camelot Crew

Misty and Saige ( I just thought this was a good picture of the two)

Brody and Saige having a good time.


Jaime said...

lots of excitement has been going on in your family. Cute cabin pics, looks like you all had a great time. How fun that you got to play in the snow.

Mark and Jennifer said...

That looks like sooo much fun! What a great adventure!

Billykidd said...

what cute pictures!... and it looks like so much fun!

The J's said...

Looks like fun. I must ask... what is Camelot?

The Mendenhall's said...

Camelot is the name of Tommy's Elementry school. He has made some really good friends there.