Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend with Nana and Papa

Eric's parents were able to spend Easter Weekend with us and we had a lot of fun. Of course Eric's dad Royden can't come up without some kind of project to keep him busy. Boy I love when he comes. I picked them up at the airport and noon and by six I had a new table top and storage in my walk in closet. I wish I got the before and after pictures but I didn't do before shots. I guess you will all have to come over and take a look. All I can say is I have the best Father in Law in the world. He is always so sweet to help us with long awaited projects. Thanks so much Royden!!

Of course I didn't make them work the whole time they were here. We also decorated Easter Eggs, had an easter egg hunt, enjoyed our hot tub and just played alot.

Unfourtunatley Eric's parents had to leave Easter Morning. We had so much fun with them. Papa layed down with the boys each night and would tell them stories. He even brought both of them a book that was his when he was a little boy. Tommy has already read his. It is the first chapter book he has read cover to cover. The night before they had to leave I heard some sniffiling in the boys room, I went in to see what was the matter and Tommy was crying. He didn't want Papa to leave. Papa doesn't get to come down as much as Nana and it was a real treat for the boys to get to spend so much one on one time with him. I let Tommy crawl out of bed and go stay up really late with Papa. Then Tommy made us promise to wake him up early so he could go to the airport to say good bye to Nanna and Papa. I could see him gulping real hard so he wouldn't cry. It is so neat to see the bond they have developed.

Once they left we took some Easter pics with the boys in there Easter clothes. I got them on sale for only $2.99 a piece. Score!!!

With Eric's parents heading back to Utah and my parents in Pennsylvania that left us stranded on Easter. So we got together with some good friends the Stephensons and the Flamm's and had a delicious Easter dinner, decorated Easter cookies, and of course another hunt.

As we were leaving the get together with our friends there was the most beautiful sky, I had to take a pic.


Courtney said...

My favorite pic is the one where the it looks like your baby is going to get licked :) Love it! That sky is wonderful too, we live in a great place!

Mark and Jennifer said...

Got a little teary-eyed about Tommy and his grandpa. What a great influence!! And I absolutely love the family pictures. Darling!

roydenpauline said...

Congrads!!!!! I can't wait to come for a ride. I love the family pics. They are so cute. I love Brody's red hair. I hope it stays. Love Mom