Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Real C-Section Date and our Top 4 Names

Okay, so my friend Sandi was right. My real c-section date is Friday October, 24th. I don't know how I was wrong because I had to fight so hard to get this date. It is 9 days early from my due date so of course my doctor was hesitant. (He is so weird!!) I am so excited though, only 2 1/2 weeks to go. Physically I am sooooo ready, I seriously feel like my stomach could not possibly stretch any more than it has. Sometimes I feel like it is just going to split open. But I was realizing today that I am really not ready or prepared at all. I haven't even bought diapers. I don't have a dresser in the baby's room. I haven't pulled down the baby clothes so I could wash and dry them all. I guess maybe I should start doing something. Yikes. This could be a busy week. Maybe I will make myself go into labor all on my own. Yeah right. I never go into labor.

As for Baby Names here are our Top 4 Favorites (But don't hold us to hit, because I toss and turn all night long and change my mind. I don't know why I am having such a hard time this time. Is this normal? I never had a hard time before. What is wrong with me?) These are not in any order, because I don't know that we have a number 1 yet.

Brody Jack Mendenhall
Jack Bryson Mendenhall
Luke Paul mendenhall
Zachary Mark Mendenhall

So I am going to try to add another Poll, I don't know if it will let me do two, so if not just leave a comment, but my new question is- How big do you guys think this little guy will be. I do get to go 9 days early. So he might not be as big as Blake, but I am measuring bigger than I did this far along with Blake. Blake was 10 pounds 11 ounces. So what do you think?


theamazingjohnsons said...

I LOVE all of those names! Luke and Zachary were on our name list when we were trying to decide what to name Ammon. I have always loved Jack but I don't want to name our son Jack Johnson. You have good taste! I'm so excited that you are getting so close!

The Kidds said...

yippeee! jack has made it as an option for fist name! :)

i actually really like all your choices and i suppose we'll still like him no matter what you decide! ;)

i'm thinking this little guy won't be quite as big since he'll be 9 days early, but i'm going to guess 10+, even though i'm thinking it will be closer to 10lbs.

The Stringham 4 said...

Maybe you can't decide on a name because the baby is really a girl. That's why none of them sound "right".

No, I'm joking. Brian will be sad that you vetoed Bryson as a first name. He was really excited and I think touched at the reason behind it.

The Stringham 4 said...

P.S. I think the baby will be over 11 pounds, even though he's coming 9 days early.

Also - my name vote would be Jack Bryson.

san said...

hey - i couldn't vote... you didn't have an option for 11+ pounds.

SORRY...I had to tease.

You look so cute - don't let every other person you meet on the street make you you feel otherwise!

I wish you would've posted about the lady behind you in the grocery store who gasped after you turned to the side and she noticed for the first time since standing behind you that you were pregnant!

We need to come up with something good for you to reply with that leaves them completely speechless.

Ammo and Josh said...

Jack is a very strong and handsome name! I always wanted to use it until I dated someone with that name! Now you have to use it for me!

Courtney said...

I like Tanner too... but not with Mark as much... unless there's a reason, then it's cool. I like Bryson Jack too.

And holy moly... you're in the home stretch! Come visit me so I can take pics! Or vise versa? Hmmm...

And I hope you don't have another huge baby! But you know, they just pop right out after 2... or 3... :)

The Dillon 6 said...

I'm voting for a 10 lb. 11 oz. Zachary Paul. Zach sounds good with Tommy and Blake! :)

You look beautiful, Maria. If your tummy is feeling itchy and dry (I know mine always did), try some cocoa butter ~ not lotion that says it has cocoa butter in it, but actual cocoa butter. It smells DIVINE, and it soothes the ever-stretching belly.

Can't wait to mee your little one!

Mark and Jennifer said...

I vote for 11 lbs or more and I like Jack Bryson or Bryson Jack. But I also like Luke Paul. Once you see him you'll get a better feel one way or another.

Groverfam said...

I would have voted for Jack Bryson but it wasn't available. I say he will be as big if not a few ounces smaller than the last- 10 1bs 6 oz--just a guess! I am so thrilled for you. I'll be thinking of you.

Shawna said...

Yeah, I guessed 11 pounds. I'm sorry. But, it's because I think your tummy really is ALL baby! That's good for you, right!? trying put a positive spin on it for you here. haha. As for names. I like Zachary, and I like Brody, but I have thing for letters being the same so I couldn't vote for it. So, this name keeps floating in my head (not that you need another to toss and turn over!) but I don't know if it is because you've said it as an option before or because there is a boy in Zoe's class with that name, but what about Landin (or Landon)? I think that is cute and would go with Tommy and Blake too. :) blah blah, this got LONG sorry!

Jaime said...

I wish you luck with deciding on a name, it's tough. Maybe you'll know once you see the baby. Good luck with delivery too, I'm sure everything will go very well.

The J's said...

sure do get a alot of comments on your web site!! I like all of the names... if you go with Brody (which I think is my favorite...) you will have 2 boys with B names and only one with a T.