Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kanaskat-Palmer Camping Trip

We had so much fun this last weekend camping. We just went down to Kanaskat Palmer, we wanted to keep it close due to the gas prices to haul the camper. My kids loved every minute of camping. From bike riding, to hiking the trails, we even had rain the first day, but that made it all the more fun for the kids to splash in the puddles. They loved the camp fire, roasting marshmallows the whole bit. We definatley plan on doing a lot more camping this summer.

Hello Grandma- get me out of here!! ( Just joking!!) Blake loved camping too. It was a lot of fun to watch him, because at this age everything is new and exciting.I am not sure who he was calling, maybe his girlfriend.

We had a couple of visitors on our trip. The Stephenson family came up on Friday night. They were going to stay the night, but I think I talked them out of it when I told them how muddy it got the night before.

It was also fun to have the Kidds come too. Tommy, Ethan and Audrey found a cool trail that was really fun to hike down. They pretended they were Indiana Jones. David and Blake had fun looking for bugs and trying to keep up with the older kids.

But just spending time with our two little boys was priceless. I loved how much fun we had. I loved that we had nothing to do but play with them, go on hikes, find bugs, roast marshmallows, ect.


The Kidds said...

well... we're so glad you went camping too because our kids had so much fun visiting! now they can't wait to go camping for real.

Mark and Jennifer said...

That looked like so much fun!! Glad you all had a great time despite the rainy weather! Great pictures!

Tarando said...

What fun! I'm glad you guys had such a good time. It will be fun to go camping with Dallin when he gets to an age where he plays in the dirt instead of eats the dirt.

TheDillon6 said...

It definitely looks like a great time! Mud and all!!