Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Eric and the boys made Mothers Day wonderful for me this year. We actually started celebrating yesterday. Since I am starting to feel better all I wanted was to spend sometime with my family. I feel like I have been so out of it and I have truly missed spending time with them. We woke up early and went on a hike. The boys had soooo much fun on the hike. Blake kept looking for tigers and monkeys. I told him there were no tigers and monkeys on the hike, we would have to go to the zoo for that. The boys misunderstood and thought we were going to the zoo after our hike and both got really excited. Eric and I gave in and after our hike we took the kids to the zoo. I wasn't very helpful in telling Eric what I wanted for mothers day. But when we got to the zoo, we realized we had to renew our membership this month. Erics sister Emily gave us money to do this for Christmas for our family Christmas present. Then they told us we could upgrade our membership to the Northwest Trek membership as well. I have always thought the kids would love that, so I told Eric that is what I wanted for mothers day. So that is what I got. A fun filled day with the kids and a new membership to the zoo and Northwest Trek. I can't wait. Anyone want to go with us? We can take 3 people everytime we go!!! We love the zoo.

This morning the kids and Eric got up to make me Mother day breakfast. French Toast, sausage , strawberries, and orange juice. Tommy made me a flower pot in school and Blake was excited to give me the mothers day balloon. It was a perfect Mothers day. I couldn't ask for more.

Here are some pics:

Tommy and Blake on the Hike

I've got my fruit snacks and water bottle. What else do I need for a hike?

I thought this was a cute picture of Blake. He looks so handsome. He is growing up so fast. He doesn't look like a baby, does he??

Another Picture. Okay, fine- cheese!

My Goofy Husband. He can always make me smile.

We also got some cute pics of the zoo, but it seems like we always get the same pics, since we go there so often. The highlights of this trip were the picnic we had when we first got there by a pond with lots of ducks and the juggler show. Tommy was so impressed when the juggler started juggling flames.

Picnic by the pond.

The shark exhibit is our favorite by far. It is the first one we have to go to as soon as we get to the zoo.

Cute pic of Tommy!!1

And of course Mothers Day Morning:

I hadn't finished my hair if you are wondering why it looks so weird.

Blake like yelling suprise. I wonder if they actually thought I was suprised??


The J's said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderlfu Mother's Day... and are feeling well! YEAH!!! (must be a girl...)

The Stringham 4 said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel better! It looks like you had a great mothers day! I haven't been hiking in years, looks like fun!

Mark and Jennifer said...

Hi from Lancaster! What sweet pictures! Mark and I have been to Northwest Trek and loved it. It's very interesting! Love to go with you sometime! You must be feeling better to be out doing so much. Hope you feel just as well today!!

TheDillon6 said...

i am SOOOOOOOO HAP, HAP, HAPPY to hear that you are out and about. You LOOK amazing, lady. I hope this baby is the bestest baby in the whole wide world!

The Kidds said...

i love all your pics!
sounds like a good time!

Jaime said...

What a great mother's day. I'm glad you're feeling better. Keep up the good posts! :)

Angie Startin said...

I am so excited your are pregnant!! Congrats! How have things been so far? I know pregnancy can be rough for you. Let me know when you find out what you are having!!