Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow in March

Yes, we too thought it was kind of odd that is snowed at the end of March. But my kids are just like me and get giddy at the sight of snow, so of course we went out and played in it.

Blake packing a snow ball for a snow ball fight with big brother Tommy.

Yeah!! I finally got Tommy.

Okay, we are big nerds. Yes, we even got the sled out and went sliding down our hill a couple of times. But hey, we don't get snow around here everyday.

And of course we had to make a snowman.

Blake- where did frosty's carrot nose go?

Feeling bad about eating Frosty's carrot nose!


Mark and Jennifer said...

Sweet pictures!! I don't think Blake looks too sad about eating the snowman's nose. Isn't that a grin on his face? Yep, the boys look like they loved every minute in the snow!

Jaime said...

Great pictures. It has been crazy weather wise here too. We had snow this past weekend, but nothing stuck around. Glad you got to at least play in it.

The Kidds said...

so fun!
that picture of blake & tommy on the sled is very cute!

TheDillon6 said...

those are great pictures!!! And you're not NERDS for getting out the sled! It's way exciting when it snows here!

The J's said...

cute pix!! The boys look like they really lik eeach other!!