Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mommy, Done??

This is the difference between Tommy and Blake. Tommy ever since he was little has been my little nurturer. When I was pregnant with Blake and with this pregnancy if I am throwing up he will often come in and see if I am ok. Rub my back, ect. Not Blake. Blake finds me throwing up to be quite annoying. If he hears me even start gagging he will say sternly, Mommy, NO PUKE! If I actually throw up he will follow me into the bathroom (every time) and stand next to me, saying Mommy, Done?? Over and over until I am done. The other day he got tired of waiting and asking so he finally said, Mommy Done, and then slammed the toilet seat on my head. Letting me know I was done and he was tired of waiting.

I have to admit I am a little depressed because my nausea is getting worse and worse. I thought for sure if I got my Zofran medicine soon enough I could keep myself from getting too sick. The hardest part for me being so sick, is not throwing up all the time, but what it does to my family. Eric, bless his heart is trying so hard to pick up the slack, make meals, clean the house, play with the kids, do the laundry, ect. But I can tell he is already overwhelmed. Tommy couldn't be any sweeter. He is thrilled that he is going to have a new brother or sister(he is convinced it is a sister and there is no convincing him otherwise.) He takes really good care of me. When Blake goes down for a nap, he knows that mommy really needs to lay down too. He is really good at being quiet, playing by himself, and even answers the phone when it rings so it won't wake me up. This surprised me because I didn't even ask him to do this. So I thought it was really sweet. But my heart hurts for him, because since he is so sensitive, he is the easiest for me to neglect.

Eric's birthday is on Friday? Any suggestions? I don't have a lot of energy and defiantly have no desire to go out to dinner or make him anything. We are on a tight budget, but I defiantly want to do something for him to show him how much I love him and how much I appreciate all he is doing for me and our family. He really is quite a trooper.

This coming week is spring break. I am praying with all my heart that the Zofran will start kicking in and things will get better. But just in case, any suggestions on what I can do with he kids? I don't want them to watch TV all during spring break because mommy is sick. Any fun and creative ideas, that don't take to much energy.

Anyone have any nausea advice for me? Something that really worked for them? I will try anything.


The Rigtrup Family said...

I have a suggestion for spring break. STAY IN BED AND DO NOTHING!!!! There is nothing wrong with letting the T.V. entertain your kids right now. You need to take care of yourself and not feel guilty. When I was pregnant with my 3rd I realized this early on and it saved my sanity. Your kids will not remember that you layed around for two months. Let some things go! My kids are now 10, 8 and 3. Now with baby #4, I rely heavily on my older kids and it's been good for them. I don't feel guilty about their work load I feel relieved. They've been to taught for years to help and be independant. For you, now is one of those times. Think of it as a chance for your kids to learn and grow.

The Kidds said...

drop your kids off here and let them play! ethan & audrey would be thrilled!... and davie too!

i, too, worried about how my kids getting the raw end of the deal when i was so sick, but i have now realized that they have not been traumatized for life!

sorry you're so sick!!!!

let me think about eric's birthday.

The Kidds said...

ps... i had to laugh at blake insisting "mommy, done."... kind of cute.

kelly said...

i too had to chuckle about the "mommy done" toilet seat episode. sorry...
definitely let go of the mommy guilt. your kids will be fine.
i'm so sorry you're feeling so awful.

Zappe Family said...

Hey. Congrats on #3 coming along! It's good to hear from you guys and see how small the world really is, especially the blogging world. Where do you live these days?? Love the family picture of you guys at Redondo!! Lots of fond memories of Redondo...and running there! BTW...I saw on an old post of yours that Eric refers to you as the CFN...that's what I'm called in my household...Chief Financial Nazi! :) Glad to hear we're alike! Take care!

Zappe Family said... you keep in touch with Rob & Sarah Christensen still??

TheDillon6 said...

first of all, LOVE the Blake story. I hope Tommy got you ice for the toilet seat... ;)

eric will survive if you can't do his birthday up right this'll eventually feel well enough to celebrate.

Send the kids HERE (I mean to Becca's) and let us (well, mostly her) take care of them! We could even come and get them (I'll stay here and she'll come get them, really) and they can hang out and be bored with our kids.

The most important thing is to rest...the house may get dirty, and clothes may go unwashed, but your family will survive.

PLUS, your kids are really too young to remember this later down the road...and Eric had a hand in your condition, so he really has no leg to stand on. ;)

The J's said...

Maria, you must be feeling terrible with the physical illness and the guilt, but like everyone else has said, don't let it overwlem you- the kids will survive and Tommy seems to enjoy helping out. I LOVED the Blake story too... isn't it amazing how different your kids can be?!? Love to all of you, you are ALL troopers. Maybe a nice quiet evening at home with the kids at the babysitters would be birthday treat for Eric?!? I volunteer Jamie, Mary or Becca!!!

Tarando said...

What!?! You're pregnant!?! Congratulations!! If I had just known you had a blog earlier. ;) Yeah, I'm so excited for you, but so sorry you feel so sick. I thought I got sick, but it sounds like yours is much worse. Do take it easy, we don't want you in a hospital with IVs again.