Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trip to Grayland with Friends

This last weekend we went to Grayland beach with my friend Molly from highschool and her family. It was so much fun!!! The boys had a blast. They loved playing in the sand and jumping the waves at the beach. They loved to sleep in the camper. Tommy loved it so much he asked if we could move there. Grayland has a kite festival this last weekend, which was amazing. (Some of these quites were as big as the truck and cost at least $1000.00. The boys loved looking at them). We came home tired and full of sand, but it was worth any minute of it. Can't wait to go again.


Mark and Jennifer Stringham said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend! The ocean looks so pretty!

I'm Mary said...
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Jenna and Catie said...'d that sand taste, Blake?

Looks like you guys had fun, I've been wanting to go to the ocean for ever.