Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Couple of Monkeys at the Zoo

We went to the zoo on Friday with Becca and her kids Ethan,Audrey, and David and my friend Sandi and her 3 boys Wakley, Bridger, and Ryland. We had so much fun. The kids loved every minute of it. David could hardley move when we took him to the Aquariam and all the fish swam by. He was in such awe. Tommy, Wakley, Ethan Audrey and Bridger seemed to love everything about the zoo from the big Elphants to the cute monkeys. They had fun dressing up like explorers, and feeding and grooming the goats. It was a blast. Here are some pics of our advenutre.


Anonymous said...

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Jenna and Catie said...

Wow it looks like the kids had so much fun! You must not have gotten my e-mail about going to the zoo. Too bad, Jenna would have had a blast! Maybe next time.

Mark and Jennifer Stringham said...

Maybe I can go next time, too.