Monday, January 27, 2014

Ringing in the new year with these cuties, and meeting our new cousin, Lizzie!

New years Eve was a lot of fun. We got to ring in the new year with these cuties:
We had a lot of fun having Ryan, Emily and Allie spend the night New Years Eve, while there baby sister Elizabeth was being born. We played games, watched movies, ate popcorn, and stayed up till midnight to hear the new years eve fireworks. All of us, except Allie. She made it till 11:00pm and was so tired, she went and put herself to sleep.
I love this picture of Emily and Diogo. She LOVES diogo. I told her I would trade Diogo for her new baby sister. She said, YES!! I was so excited..... until we got to the hospital to meet Elizabeth. She told me she changed her mind. She wanted to keep her sister.

The cute Stringham Family. Elizabeth and her dad, James share a birthday on New Years Eve. December 31st.

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The J's said...

I'm not surprised that she changed her mind about the dog... lizzie is a cutie!