Monday, January 27, 2014

Blake's 8th Birthday Party, Nerf Wars!!!

We also had Blake's birthday party and celebrated by having a Nerf Wars Birthday Party. Here are a few of the pictures that I snapped amongst all the chaos.

 We are thankful that Blake has made so many friends already with the our move. Here are two of his buddies from his Sunday School class at church. Jack Karren and Eamon Galloway.

 Sorren Harris, another new friend from church.
 Ryland Stephenson - friend from Federal Way. They have been good friends since they were babies and have stayed close.
 No Homework-- one of the Targets!!!
 Eating pizza with friends-- JuJu is one of his friends from school last year at Camelot, the funny thing is they both moved to Kent over the summer and ended up at the same school. They were so excited to find each other the first day of school!


The J's said...

Looks like fun!!!!

Jennifer and Mark Stringham said...

It was great to read all about the party since I couldn't be there!

Wenni Donna said...

What a great idea! The kids must’ve loved it. I’ve put a Jungle Book birthday party for my kid tomorrow. Just booked one of the rental spaces for parties nearby and getting the costumes ready. Birthday boy says he wants to be dressed as Baloo and his brother will be accompanying him as Mowgli.