Friday, October 21, 2011

In honor of our Veterans

Right before the 4th of July, Tommy's scout troop was invited to go to the local Veteran Cemetery and pay there respects by cleaning up and preparing the cemetery for the holiday. They placed flags, pulled weeds and cleaned off all the headstones. It was a neat activity and all the boys really enjoyed it.

Blake and I also went to this activity and helped out. Blake loves to be a part of scouts when he can!
Carlos and Tommy spend a lot of time looking at all the different headstones and learning as much about the veterans as they could.
Blake taking his task at hand .. very seriously!!

Goofy scouts!
The finished product! They did an excellent job! The place looked fantastic by the time they left!

This was a neat activity for the boys. They got to serve the Veterans that served us and our Country. I think that it made the 4th of July a little more meaningful to all of them.

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