Saturday, March 26, 2011

What else we have been up to....

It seems like life has been crazy lately, with Eric working so much overtime, and our bathroom remodel (almost finished, will post pictures soon), and of course keeping up with three busy boys. But we have had some fun times as well. Here are some of the things we have been doing the last couple of weeks.

Tommy's 2nd annual Pinewood Derby!!

This year Tommy took 2nd Place. Way to go Tommy!!!

The Crew cheering the boys on.

Nanna and Papa were in town and got to watch Tommy's pine wood derby this year.
Also for scouts, Tommy had to make us breakfast and follow a recipe. He made us German pancakes, with buttermilk syrup. So yummy!!!

We have also become proud owners of 4 Chickens and 5 baby chicks. I am not nearly as crazy about this idea as Eric and the boys, but it has been a fun experience for them. Here are our baby chicks.

And here are some of our Eggs from our Chickens.

WE have also been blessed with some sunny days and have just stopped and played outside a bit. One day Saige came over to keep Brody company in the sun. Brody learned to drive the jeep himself. (Way scary!!!) But also so cute. Here he is givin Saige a ride!

Brody just being silly!!

And his good friend Saige, just being cute!!


The J's said...

sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Tara and Orlando said...

I love the update. Your kids are so cute!

Mark and Jennifer said...

How did I miss this blog? Way cute! Tommy with his derby and scout breakfast and Brody being silly! Fun to read!