Saturday, November 13, 2010

Go Pythons!!

Another soccer season has come and gone. This year Tommy was on a different team, since Eric was unable to coach this year. He had a great team and amazing coaches, and Tommy really has imporved again this year. His games are getting more and more fun to watch this year. The kids are getting better and way more competitive. Finally on his last game of the season I remembered to bring my camera and snap a few shots!

Pythons 2010

Go Tommy

Tommy's 2 Biggest Fans this year-

And Grandpa

Grandpa was able to make it to quite a few of Tommy's game this year. It is nice to have the extra fans!

Next year Blake will be able to do soccer and he is really excited, Tommy on the other hand, has been dying to try Football ! He really wanted to try this year but I did not sign him up time. It is all him and his friends have been playing latley, so I guess next year he may not be playing soccer, which is a little sad.


The J's said...

Grandma was telling us how good Tommy is a tsoccer and Jaylee was very impressed that she and Tommy have "so much in common"!!!!

Mark and Jennifer said...

Grandpa loved attending his games!! Nothing gets in his way...except maybe a church meeting!!