Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Fun

We have had a lot of fun so far this summer. The fun thing about having 3 little boys is that they are always excited for a new adventure. They love the outdoors, and love to explore new things and places.

On Tuesday we went to Les Grove park with Aunt Mary, cousin Jenna, Catie, and Matthew. And on Wednesday we went to Seahurst beach with Aunt Becca, cousin Ethan, David and Audrey.

Here are some pics of our adventures.

Les Grove Park

Seahurst Beach


The J's said...

You MUST take us to those 2 parks next time we are in town... they look so fun and everyone looks like they're having a blast!!

Trevor and Shannon said...

What a fun park! I am jealous of Washington's summer weather. Utah is just too hot!