Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blakes First Day of Preschool

Last week Blake started his first day of preschool. Me and my friends decided to do a Joy School, which is a co-op preschool where we each take a turn teaching these cute kiddo's every 6 weeks. I am really excited to get to see a part of him learning and growing up. Here are some cute pictures of his exciting day.

The only funny thing,is because we are taking turns teaching the preschool .. he didn't believe that he was really at school. when I picked him, up he said he had a lot of fun but he wanted to go to preschool now. Made me smile. He thought he would be going to a school like Tommy.

Doesn't he look so cute all dressed up with his back pack.

Kids in his class: Shayla (on mom's lap.) Moirah, Ryland, Blake, Aidan and Issac.

Blake and his good buddy Ryland.

Another cute one of my handsome Blakey!!! A lot like the first, but I think he is just so dang cute.


Billykidd said...

he is definatley cute and handsome. i'm glad he had fun!

Mark and Jennifer said...

So sweet that he wanted to go to a real school. Hey, I know most of those kids from going to the nursery with Blake. They are sweet kids. Blake is such a cutie and I bet he'll learn lots and have a great time! If you need help when it is your turn, let me know. I could take Brody or I could help with the actual school.

The J's said...

Blake looks really grown up with his hair buzz... I LIKE it!!! How does Joy school work... is it at your house or a school? Is it a "real" school or do you and your friends just sort of teach what you want? Neat...

theamazingjohnsons said...

He was so cute today! He was the song leader and I was worried he wouldn't want to since he doesn't like to sing in primary. I was wrong. First he chose to sing I am a child of God and he sang so well. Then he chose Baptism. None of the other kids knew it so he and I sang a solo. I love him!